First Review of “Goin Down To Florida” is here-and it’s GREAT!!!

Franc Robert and the Boxcar Tourists are a dyed in the wool blues band, whether it be Chicago based, jump blues, Delta style, funky stuff that sounds like it just crawled out of the swamp or even the blues/rock tune they throw in from time to time or whatever the crowd and the situation might call for.  Having proved to the blues purists that he can pull it off beautifully just man and guitar, he has gone back to the band format, showing the world that Franc Robert is not a one trick pony.  This cat and his band may be based in Florida, but when it comes to the blues, they are citizens of the world.  There is no blues style that is off limits…as long as it’s the real deal.  Where so many performers are blues/rockers with the emphasis heavily placed on the rock, Franc Robert plays a style of blues that when it delves into the blue/rock arena remains deeply rooted in the blues.  Much like what could be heard in jukes and roadhouses throughout the South, this is a music that is easy on the ear, easy to dance to and just plain fun.  With Franc on guitars, Sam Mudd on bass, Dave Simmons on percussion, Joe Sadowski on harp, and all members of the band chipping in on vocals with Franc Robert taking the lead, this band has it covered top to bottom and side to side.  Once more, all songs on the album were written by the King of the Hoboes himself.  This is a legitimate band, playing what they know, and playing from the heart.  This is not some overproduced thing that sounds like it came  out of a can.  With Franc Robert & the Boxcar Tourists what you see and hear is what you get.  They’re not putting on airs for anybody.  I am a blues lover from as far back as I can remember and then some.  I am also a hardass when it comes to blues but I am sold on this band.  They are the real deal.  Muddy, Sonny Boy, Willie Dixon , Howlin’ Wolf, Little Walter and the others are gone now and yes, the face of the blues has changed but hearing a band like this gives me hope that the blues may yet survive. – Bill Wilson

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